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The absolute pinnacle of the 2D design is definitely the concept art. To fully grasp such projects is extremely challenging, whether be it the skills, imagination, knowledge of the principles of design and the design elements or the storytelling. In order to create a quality concept art, it is necessary to be able to control the very process of the creation – which is called matte painting. Matte painting is one of the oldest techniques in the visual effects industry and also one of the most commonly used techniques.


In this project, our task was to create a sci-fi environment. In particular, an arid part of the planet through which a spaceship flies. The basis of the project is the L-composition, thanks to which a visual hierarchy was created. The spaceship ( it is only the illustrative example – the task was not the transport design, but the resulting composition ) represents the focal point of the whole work. Subsequently, the composition is divided into several accents ( they bind the viewer’s attention to the details, they emphasize the details) which form the rocky parts of the sci-fi environment. The end of the whole composition is an imaginary point to which the spaceship is heading. An apocalyptic touch was breathed into the whole composition by the help of color grading, also used in the film The Book of Eli.

sketch – values

final composition

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