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Sharp as a sting, sweet as a honey.


The BeeWare is an in-line hockey team for which we have created a name, a mascot logo, a set of jerseys and their own merchandise. The very name of the BEEWARE team carries the message that BEES need to BEWARE. We all know very well by experience that when we make them angry, they can be really aggressive.


The primary goal in the creating of the mascot logo was to preserve the elements of realism with a minimum of distortion. The illustration itself is dominated by rectlinear shapes which are partially rounded, seeming aggressive and elegant at the same time.


When choosing the typography, we decided to use the bold script, which looks tasteful and in combination with the pictogram creates harmony. The specificity of the chosen font is that the capital letters contain “caps-swashes.” The result of this peculiarity is the dominance of capital letters and you can divide the name into two separate words Bee + Ware at first glance. And what is the end product of bees? Honey. We also aptly inserted this idea into the team’s slogan: Sharp as a sting, sweet as honey.


The name contains several design variants. The main and primarily used design type of the name is shown along with the pictogram below. The other types are divided not only by colors, but also by the number of strokes that surround the font itself and are used only in precisely defined situations.


illustration detail – claws B&W

illustration detail – claws colors


CMYK – colors

RGB – colors

logo on bg color – white

logo on bg color – yellow

logo on bg color – black

jersey numbers

jersey front

jersey back

merch – t-shirt

merch – hoodies

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