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A comprehensive real estate web portal, which does not only focus on the sale and the rent of real estate venues, but also offers the visitors the opportunity to monitor the dynamic development of real estate, as well as the interest rates simultaneously, was created.


The main page is dominated by topped real estate venues with expressive photographs and a basic description. The details of the project are displayed via a split screen, where the main photo of the property is on the left, whilst the right side contains a detailed description.


The real estate description contains several separate sections, such as the basic description, the real estate agency, the specific broker or the business statistics. Users have the ability to rate a real estate agent. They can express their personal experience through reviews. Brokers can create their own profiles within the web portal.


The business or investment statistics contain information on the price development of real estate in recent years and their comparison. The toll section focuses on the investment users. At the same time, it offers the forecasts of the development of real estate prices, as well as an overview of rising or falling interest rates.


From part of the project detail, the visitor can get to the gallery where photos in the full screen mode can be viewed.

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