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The Championship of the STU students and employees in sports disciplines is an annual tradition. Our goal was to create original A2 posters and a set of diplomas with a playful design for the winners of the individual disciplines. The public event was also brought to the public’s attention by advertising the banners on the STU website. All the computers at the university contained the wallpaper from this event.


When creating the posters and the diplomas, we decided to give a dominant position to colors. Color is the most complex design element. The first version is dominated by the contrast of the warm and cold tones, which we achieved by combining a dark purple color and the hot coral pantone. In the second visual concept, we built on the harmony of warm colors. The consistency is created by the combination of the red and orange color tones.

poster Ch-STU students

poster Ch-STU students

poster Ch-STU employees

diploma Ch-STU employees

web banners

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